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Beach Safety Patrol

This winter took its time getting here. I thought it would spare us completely. The days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner. It’s time to make sure all our fishing gear is in order. Boots, waders, corkers, reels, rods, line, backing, fishing license, tackle, foul weather gear, and a headlamp are just a few things we should take a look at and make sure they are in working order. Fishing is a lot more fun with the right working equipment. Don’t be discouraged if you do not have all the equipment the fish won’t know the difference, and you will still have a great time. Just get out and fish!

The Beach Safety Patrol is here for the benefit of the club. Our primary function is to promote education and safety awareness, while enforcing the property rules with tact and diplomacy. Every member of RIMS needs to abide by the Code of Ethics Make sure you understand them. The RIMS plate you put your sticker on should be the 50Th anniversary gold and black one. Your RIMS plate must have a current sticker on it. It should be displayed in plain view.

Always call the RIMS info-line: 1(401)256-5020 before accessing the sand trail.

RIMS Beach Safety Potrol Members:

  • Erik Rodge, Captain #537
  • Peter Alter III #662
  • Don Clark #003L
  • Charles Carlson #201L
  • Richard Longolucco #247
  • Phillip Zembruski #407
  • Butch Taylor #083L
  • Robert Colson #007L
  • Burton Blessing #357
  • Joseph Carvalho #193L
  • John Buccelli Sr. #178L
  • Donald Hentschel #452
  • Rober Taylor #167
  • Pierre Gosseling #334
  • Ted Pohorylo #009L
  • Rich Taylor #149

If you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions, please contact:

Erik Rogde #537
Safety Patrol Chairperson | (860)455-8736

Clean Ups

Come spring we need your help with the leaves, fallen branches, trimming the brush back along the property line. The horse pits need to be raked. Weed and edge the Memorial Garden. Wash the clubhouse windows inside and out. The kids swings and sea-saw needs some attention.

Come and bring your tools / ladders / steel garden rakes / steel leaf rakes / leaf blowers and STEEL BLADED BRUSH CUTTERS

A reminder, all vehicles and trailers that are stored on R.I.M.S. Property are required to be registered, insured and inspected with current stickers per our Insurance Company and the Town of Westerly.

Hope to see you at the next Clean Up,

Dean Blessing #357
Facilities Chairperson | 1(860)982-6944


I’m looking for a conservation chairperson to take on the regular projects and come up with some new ones. This committee will just take a couple of your hours a month as most committees. This is a good first step to get involved in the club and help the club at the same time.

The next project will be the trail trim back and cleanup with QBCC. This is normally the Saturday before Easter Sunday. I will confirm date and time when I get that information from QBCC.

Remember when going out into our beautiful nature take out whatever you brought in and leave it cleaner then when you entered it.

Thank You,
Rich Taylor
Temporary Conservation Chairperson