January 2020

The New Year, 2020 is here and 2019 is history. Let’s hope for a great season of health, happiness, boating and fishing and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.

Special thanks to all members that participated in this years snow fence/ picnic table work party.

We had a sketchy time getting vehicles and equipment to and from lot 75. The always present “stuck vehicle” was on the trail to remind us how important it is to be prepared with shovel, straps, jacks, etc.

With the help of many members, the vehicle was pulled out with Jeff’s truck. Thanks to Mike Farr for having a well stocked first aid kit, and to Paul Stasiuk for the hard hats that will be available next time. A big thank you goes out to Deano Blessing and Peter Alter for helping plan the event and taking care of the picnic table move.

Because of all of your efforts we are now prepared to let the southwest winds blow some sand our way!

Our Treasurer Nadine Davidson, has been working on software and hardware updates to our accounting system. The hardware part is done “new laptop”. The new software “Quickbooks” is a work in progress. This is being done to simplify the whole treasurer’s processes and procedures. Eventually she will be training her replacement. The only part
missing is the “HER REPLACEMENT”. I’m sure that there are a few people within our membership that are capable and willing to volunteer their time and talents for the position of Treasurer. Please think long and hard on this request, being a part of this club means you should volunteer your services when possible and when needed. We really need someone to take this over. Please contact me or Nadine with any questions.

Membership renewals are late after Jan 01, 2019 so get them in the mail as soon as you can. Trailer storage renewals are due Jan 01,2020. Spots will become available if dues have not been paid by Jan 31,2020.

Take some time and write down your suggestions for the 2019 Member Awards. Humanitarian of the Year, Member of the Year, and Outstanding Member. Email or mail your nominations to Ken Blanchard. The recognition provided by these awards helps glue our membership together, it keeps us connected and aware of each other’s contribution to RIMS.

Thank You, Erik Rogde, President 

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