July 2018

As I sit down to write my first President’s letter I would like to thank the people that gave me the knowledge and courage to complete such an undertaking. Rich Taylor, Jim Milardo, Deano Blessing, and Bob Kardys were instrumental over the years in getting me to this point as were a lot of other club members. I thank them all for the advice and support I have received regarding club operations.

RISAA Spring Surf Fishing Club Challenge.
Ten RIMS members attend the awards breakfast on Sunday, June 10. As always the Andrea put out a great breakfast spread. Most of us put in 5 hours of fishing on Friday and Saturday, so when Sunday came around we were hungry. I believe Cody Milardo caught a 33-1/2 inch Striper, but that was not enough win anything. RISAA won the tournament with a 46 inch bass. No other club had any entries, so we all ended up in second place, WHOO HOO! Thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament. You made it a really enjoyable experience. I always learn a new little trick or two when fishing these events. If you ask me I might tell you the tricks learned this time around.

Plover Updates
With spring nearing its end, bird season is now in full swing. The plovers and terns have moved in and are establishing their nesting sites. We must always be aware of these birds. There will be updates on the birds throughout the season. You MUST OBEY any & all restrictions that RIMS puts in place during this time of the season. Before your tires touch the sand trail call the RIMS Hot Line (401-256-5020) for all of the latest updates.

Trailer Storage Updates
For trailer storage, proof of registration and insurance for all vehicles required. Slide-ins need registration and insurance for the truck used to move them. Please respect the needs of the club in this matter, and get information to Mike Rachlin #499 if you have not done so already.

Sponsors of Conditional Members
Remember, you are supposed to be monitoring the progress of the completion of the clubs requirements and helping them to become Regular Members with all of the benefits.
You need to be aware and follow up should there be any issues with members ability to complete these requirements. The Membership chairman should not have to chase them down to remind them of their obligations to the club. This is the responsibility of the Sponsor. I’m looking forward to growing the RIMS family with help from all members.

In Closing
I believe that our combined efforts will overcome any obstacles put in front of us. It is with great anticipation that I look forward to an enjoyable season fishing and spending time with our members.

Thank You, Erik Rogde President

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