July 2019

As I sit down to start my second term as President I want to thank all member’s that participated in club elections and the outing. We all had a great time and mother nature gave us lots of sunshine. Participation is the life blood of this club. Meetings, Fishing tournaments Work parties, clubhouse cleanup, and snow fence installation are just a few of the activities this club offers. It is important that we all recognize the importance of participation as it directly affects the health of our club. People should be interested in helping the club, as opposed to having to serve just to complete a new member packet. Please consider this as a friendly nudge to get involved in club functions. It doesn’t hurt, and your efforts will be appreciated. 

During this year’s RISAA Spring Surf Fishing Club Challenge. We had six members attend the awards breakfast on Sunday, June 9. As always the Andrea put out a great breakfast spread. Slack tide was around 1:30am Saturday and one hour later on Sunday. Rich Taylor, Myself, Paul Stasiuk, Archie Alexander fished the breachway night shift well into daylight to no avail. Jim Milardo, Bob Kardys, Ted and Nadine Davidson fished the surf. Great weather, clear skies, calm seas, and no keepers for RIMS. I believe Dick Geldard of RISAA caught a 42 inch 31.9 lb Striper. RISAA won the tournament. No other club had any entries, so we all got second place again! 

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the tournament. You made it an enjoyable experience. I always learn a little trick about fishing during these events, but this time around I did not. 

With spring nearing its end, bird season is in full swing. The plovers and terns have moved in and are establishing their nesting sites. We must always be aware of these birds. There will be updates on these birds throughout the season. You must abide by any restrictions that RIMS puts in place during this time period. 

“Before your tires touch the sand trail” call the RIMS Hot Line:
(401-256-5020) for all of the latest updates. 

Thank You, Erik Rogde, President 

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