July 2020

Membership – During the June board meeting. We realized our abilities to have normal meetings and work parties is in jeopardy due to Rhode Island restrictions. Having a large number of spousal members, conditional members, and new applicants we saw no way to process this properly. It was decided that the 12 month conditional member period would be lengthened by six months only for those who are now conditional members. Restrictions of meetings and work parties brought about this decision. This is not considered an extension, which can only be granted once by the Board of Directors.

It was further decided by the Board of Directors to put all pending applications on a wait list in the order in which they were received until December 31, 2020. This will prevent us from rushing anything through without properly vetting at normal meetings and providing work parties for conditional members. These are not easy decisions to make. We understand that there will be some apprehension over this, however we feel it necessary to process applicants using due process.

Piping plover nesting is in high gear in southern RI-USFW reports. There are four active nests on Quonochontaug beach and one nest in the newly filled in salt marsh behind lot. There are a lot of Least Terns setting up shop close to the sand trail near the over wash.

It is important that we continue to drive by very slowly and carefully in this area. Hopefully we will not have to invoke walking escorts. There will be updates on these birds throughout the season. You must abide by any restrictions that RIMS puts in place during this time. Before your tires touch the sand trail call the RIMS Hot Line (401-256-5020) for all of the latest updates.

Spring Surf Fishing Club Challenge – During the Tournament there were no Fish turned in by RIMS. As of press time the results are not yet in. I understand there was a 31 inch fish entered by Dick Geldard of RISAA. That name sounds familiar, he produced a 42 inch fish last year. It was good to see old friends and some new faces throwing their lines in the water .

Friday night was uneventful, calm seas, 5 mph SW wind and the new moon did not help the bite. Five of us started out on the rocks, three non-club members. One by one, each of us called it a night starting at midnight, then one o’clock, then at two A.M. a fisherman named Justin, who has fished with us many times before, caught a 34-1/2 inch striper! He walked the beach to fish the rocks, and he walked the fish all the way back to the parking lot. That is the kind of fisherman RIMS would like to call their own!

Saturday night started out with similar conditions, a few no see ums helped to pick up our spirits, but they did not stay for the duration. There were a few less people on the rocks. Jim and Cody Milardo were working the breech way only hooking up with 27 inch stripers, as they did on Friday night. Meanwhile on the rocks we were drifting most of the plugs in our tackle bags to no avail. Until Ryan Johnson decided to use fresh bait. At one thirty I am standing on a flat rock above the landing rock, which is where Ryan is fishing. All of a sudden I hear his drag screaming, and Ryan says something like oh my god this fish is huge! For a short while he thought he had been cut off, however he was able to bring it alongside the landing rock. Having caught big fish before he commented it has to be fifty pounds! Well I had to put my photographer hat on so I took a few pictures, we tried to weigh the fish on my 30lb limit scale, which bottomed out. Afterwards I try to get a picture from a different angle by getting into what I think is shallow water. Well I stepped into a hole up to my shoulders, my waders start slowly filling up. I was able to pull myself out without loosing my phone, or my pride. All this time Ryan is holding the fish in the water letting it recover. It took about fifteen minutes until the fish showed some spunk. Then he let it go and it swam away in a flash. We called it a night after that. The fish measured 45inches long with a 24 inch girth. The weight was north of thirty pounds. We were lamenting the new slot limit on these fish which prevented Ryan from keeping it and entering it in the tournament. We talked about catch and release options, However we both agreed that it is better to let these breeder fish live to breed another day.

Thank You, Erik RogdePresident 

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