March 2020

My term as president ends at the June 2020 meeting. I have decided not to seek another term. During my two years as president I have found it to be rewarding, sometimes difficult, and very educational. The information I have gained is invaluable. I have had the help of seasoned members when needed, as well as the support of the general membership. Two years ago when I decided to run for President, my reasons were derived from all the great times spent fishing with members on the club property. It was simple, the club needs dedicated people to function. I felt it necessary to help tow the line, so I’ve towed it for two years. I now consider myself a seasoned member and am ready to help the next member who is up for the task.

My annual spring pick me up is RISAA’s New England Saltwater Fishing Show starting March 27-29 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Information is available at This show helps me remember to ready my fishing equipment for the upcoming season.

Spring being on its way means Piping Plovers will soon arrive. Call the RIMS INFO LINE (401-256-5020) before your tires hit the sand for details on any trail restrictions. We must all abide by any restrictions RIMS puts in place during this time. Also it is a good idea to call the Info-Line before you leave for a meeting. Any postponements or cancellations will be on the Info-Line. Trail trim back and spring cleaning is the Saturday before Easter, April 11th we will meet at the last parking lot before the sand trail at 8:30 am. This is done at the same time QBCC does their Beach Cleanup. More Information will posted on the info line and RIMS Facebook page.

Club Store – Charlene Taylor has been Club Store Chairperson for as long as I can remember, taking over after Amber Johnson left the post somewhere around 2008 I think. Over the years she has done a great job of keeping us covered with T shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and blankets with RIMS insignia on them. I wish to thank Charlene for her many years of service with the club store. Charlene has indicated her desire to have someone else take over the chairmanship. So if there is anyone who is interested in taking over the club store, please contact me or Charlene with any questions.

Hopefully you read my January 2018 letter urging club participation. It is the life blood of this club. The more people helping out makes it a lot more enjoyable. I’ll see you on the beach!

Thank You, Erik Rogde, President 

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