May 2018

I have written these letters many times and enjoyed writing each one. I always think back to the one I wrote about fishing one night alone down at the breach way and remembering what those rocks have meant to me. I have caught many fish in my life but none more memorable then the fish I have caught there. The same goes for the fisherman/friends that I have met there. If it wasn’t for one of those fisherman (SHOE- Bill Wesch) that I worked with I wouldn’t have all these wonderful memories with more to come. Back then Bill told me we were there to fish and that is what I did. After a few years other members asked me to run for the board, that was the start of it and here we are today. I want to say Thank you to all of RIMS members for letting me serve you. You have allowed me to learn, grow with RIMS and then lead. For that again I say Thank you.

It is time for me to step back and take a break. I need to catch my breath and will come back if wanted down the road a ways.

We have a couple of very committed members stepping up to help lead RIMS. They are Erik Rogde #537 for President and Robert Kardys #680 for E. Vice President. I cannot endorse enough what these two have contributed to the club and will continue to contribute to the club. As a member of RIMS I feel very comfortable with their leadership and urge other RIMS members to support them.

We have had our main work parties for the spring, but there are always things that need to get done. There is the outing and there will be a couple of work parties on beach with the cabin and other things. You can call Butch Taylor to offer help with the outing and work on the cabin. There will also be announcements on RIMS Info-Line (401-256-5020) for any work party dates and updates. New members this is the time of year to get your required points for your probation.

Now with spring in the air comes the bird season and with some early starts to the warm weather the plovers will start showing up to nest and we must always be aware of these birds. There will be updates on these birds throughout the season. You must abide by any restrictions that RIMS puts in place at this time.

We have a lot to remember and be thankful for, but we also have the future to look forward to. We have many openings for membership so let’s grow the RIMS family so we can keep helping keep the shoreline open for fishing and family recreation.

Hope to see you on the beach.

Thank You
Rich Taylor, President

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