May 2019

I am happy to report we started reviewing new member applications during our April meeting. After completing our internal review of the process. We made changes without having to change the by-laws so that we as a board could do our job more efficiently. We now interview sponsors and applicants with just the board of directors present. Pointed questions are asked of both sponsor and applicant. Emphasis is given to sponsor responsibilities, and the applicant’s willingness to participate in the club. I wish to thank everyone who participated in the sometimes heated and drawn out debates.

Keep calling the info line for updates on work parties. This is a busy time of year for us with plenty of opportunity to participate and get to know other club members. The Info line will also keep you aware of the Plover situation as it develops.

Our Annual meeting and elections followed by the Outing is coming up on Saturday May 18th at 10:00a.m. Please attend and participate in club business. The outing is always a great time to meet new members and connect with old friends.

As the elections are coming up, I feel compelled to run for President again. It has been a rewarding experience, and I have learned a lot about the club and it’s operations. I am endorsing Jim Milardo for Executive Vice President. Jim has been President for many years and has acquired a lot of knowledge of club history and operations. His knowledge will be invaluable if we should encounter attempts to deny access.

Piping Plovers will soon arrive. Call the RIMS INFO LINE (401-256-5020) before your tires hit the sand. For details on any trail restrictions. We must all abide by any restrictions RIMS puts in place during this time. SAVE THE BAY is spearheading the vegetation restoration on the recently filled marshes. Two types of grass will be planted. The higher elevations will have Beach Grass planted, and the lower elevations will have Salt Marsh Grasses planted. The time frame for this will likely be April-May. I will update the Info line (401-256-5020) when the dates are known.

Jim Milardo is chairman of the vegetation restoration committee and will keep us informed of dates and resources needed. Let’s get ready to help out in a big way on this project!

With your blessing I would be privileged to serve you as President for another year.

Thank You, Erik Rogde, President

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