November 2017

By the time you are reading this all our fall work parties will be completed and everything will be closed up for the winter. Don’t put the fishing gear away yet because you know the fish are still around and the fishermen that don’t care about the cold knows there’s that chance to be in the middle of the big fish, pushing though on their way down south. I have had that opportunity a couple of times and there is nothing like it when you can catch and release more than one 30 plus lb. fish. Maybe a bent hook that made you wonder was that the one.

A lot of times I get asked questions that you can find the answer in RIMS handbook or newsletter. Plus it never hurts to review the handbook once a year and not just on the bi-laws and rules but the history of RIMS. I think when a member sponsors a new member they should review the handbook together before the meeting that the proposed new member will be interviewed at. So please take the time to read the rules so there is no misunderstanding and learn the history of the club up to the present so when someone asks you about us you can inform them of the many things that our club was and is involved in.

Now this doesn’t pertain to the club but I have a platform to speak from. This has to do with cancer and how at times it is caught a little too late or just too late. We have people that live a healthy life don’t smoke and they get a small cough that is nothing to worry about or it may be misdiagnosed. Then to find out they have 4th stage lung cancer. A simple test that a man should have during his physical is a PSA level to check for prostate cancer, so ask your doctor if he did that. What I’m saying here is check on the simple things that you should, but you just keep putting off. So if you got that cough that just won’t go away (quit smoking first) go to the doctor.

We have a lot to remember and be thankful for, but we also have the future to look forward to. We have many openings for membership so let’s grow the RIMS family so we can keep helping keep the shore line open for fishing and family recreation.

Thank You 

Rich Taylor, President

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