November 2019

This summer gave us a lot of baitfish along the shoreline. I don’t
remember ever seeing so many of our members lined up along the beach
catching stripers, and bluefish. It was a beautiful sight. The water was boiling with bait and stripers were slapping their tails. It was crazy at times, the smell of baitfish was in the air, the excitement was contagious. The old days must have been like this, when the fish were more plentiful! This must have been part of the reason our club was founded back in 1958.

Being able to harvest the bounty of the sea through surfcasting on Rhode Island Shores is a gift. A gift worth preserving and nurturing. This is why RIMS exists. Participating members make it happen. It is important to be a part of the club community by volunteering for work parties, attending meetings and serving on committees. Without you RIMS does not exist.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the annual beach cleanup. We had a great time, cleaned up the beaches. Special thanks to Peter Alter and Brian Harding, they had a good clean grill for cooking hot dogs and hamburgers afterwards.

The Pot Luck Supper was later on the same day and was a great success. The variety of food never disappoints. A big thank you goes out to everyone who prepared food for us.

November 2nd starting at 10:30 am on lot 75 (if we can get there) is the Snow Fence work party. Picnic tables will also be moved to the clubhouse. Please bring gloves, pliers, wire cutters and pickup trucks if you can. See you on the beach….

Thank You, Erik Rogde, President 

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