September 2017

Here we are at the end of the summer with fall fishing starting to heat up. I hope I can find so time to fish. We had an uneventful season with the birds and I want to Thank the membership for following the restrictions that were in place. 

The question has been raised about what we are looking for in allowing potential members in the club. First let me start out by saying that this club was started as a family orientated fishing club so that the fisherman could have his family along with him. They could enjoy the fishing and all the other recreational activities that the shoreline has to offer. We are now about three generations into RIMS and not all the kids picked up a fishing pole but they did pickup a love for the ocean and shoreline. They are still in the club. Then we have a potential member that wants to join and they love the shoreline, claming, conservation of the shoreline with access to it, but don’t fish. We have quite a few members like that and they step up to help out the club. I know of two fishing clubs that disbanded because no one was stepping up to help run the club. Some other fishing clubs say we aren’t a true fishing club and they are right for the reasons stated above. But we still have a good showing in the fishing tournaments. We are a unique fishing club in the way that we own beautiful land on a barrier beach and with climate change we will be lucky to have that shoreline in another generation.

What is the best potential member? They are someone that loves to surf fish and wants to do anything to help out the club.

What is the worst potential member? They are someone that all they care about is how much beer in the cooler and then forgot his probation hours and ask for an extension.

If I have a vote I would look at the person to see if they would be a benefit to the club not just to see if he fishes.

I wrote this because it is a very important discussion that the board is asking to have. Please let your board members and officers know your feeling on this issue.

We have the international coastal cleanup on September 16 which is a good time for new members on probation to get their points and a great time to pay back to mother earth for all the waste we dump on her.

Don’t forget the fall fishing tournament is Oct. 13, 14 and 15 starting at 6 pm Friday. We got the trophy from the spring tournament, so we need the fall one to go with it again.

Thank You 

Rich Taylor, President

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