When you become a member of RIMS, the website auto generates a user profile for you to access the private members areas of the site. Sections under membership and our Newsletter are blocked for public access. In order for you to view the information you will need to login to the site.

The auto generated password that was emailed to you by the system is a mix match of random characters so we ask that you come here upon set-up to reset your password to something that is meaningful and you will remember.

PLEASE NOTE: The password you create and save is only seen by you. The web chairmen does not have access to view this so if you loose it you will need to be re-entered in the system. Meaning, please be sure to write it down or save it somewhere! Also, all usernames are affiliated to your unique RIMS number. These cannot be changed.

Feel free to reach out with any questions pertaining to resetting your password or anything affiliate to the RIMS site at anytime.

Contact Information

Nicole Roncaioli, Website Chairmen

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