RIMS Purpose:

The purpose of the Rhode Island Mobile Sportfishermen (RIMS) is to join in a formal, non-profit organization where individuals interested in the natural beach resources of Rhode Island can work as a group to secure voluntary acceptance and certain rules which will benefit mobile sport-fishing. Additionally to salt water angling, we are committed to work for the proper conservation of water and beaches.

Each applicant must complete a membership application, be sponsored by a member in good standing, and forward the application to the Membership Chairperson. Applications for membership will be provided by the sponsoring member. Each applicant and his or her sponsor must appear before the Board of Directors who will determine is the applicant is approved for membership. This will be by a simple majority vote. Membership applications will be taken up at the regular RIMS board meeting in January, April, July, and October. Each sponsor will need to be in good standing for at least one year and may sponsor no more than two applicant per calendar year. Applicants will become full members upon payment of initiation fees and dues. 

If you are interested in learning more about membership eligibility, please reach out to our Membership Chairperson, Debbie Gosselin #332