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R.I.M.S. is a non-profit organization founded in 1958 by fishermen, who, along with their friends and families, are dedicated to the conservation and the preservation of public access to Rhode Island coastal resources. Additionally, our club is one of the founding members of United Mobile Access Preservation Association - UMAP (formerly known as United Mobile Sportfishermen, or U.M.S.).

Through our members, affiliations, and reciprocal support, our goals are to:

  • Conserve and preserve coastal and tidal waters.
  • Preserve the right to access these areas.
  • Preserve and encourage the sport of salt water fishing and sport fishing vehicle operations
  • Work with all local, state, and federal agencies and officials in advancing the above stated purposes

The Rhode Island State Constitution grants the people the right to access the ocean for recreational and educational purposes. This constitutional right is continually challenged by those who would deny access to all but themselves. Our members and friends enjoy all that the coast has to offer, and are keenly aware of the fragile ecosystem. R.I.M.S. has been dedicated to preservation and conservation since its ounding in 1958. Our organizational charter, bylaws, and code of ethics all reflect the commitment to protect the wildlife and the environment that we come into contact with. R.I.M.S. has participated in many conservation efforts, such as monitoring and documenting the Piping Plover.

We, like you, care deeply for the environment. Unfortunately, several organizations and individuals are working hard to restrict, and ultimately deny access to Quonochontaug barrier beach. R.I.M.S. members and friends have been challenging this effort in support of our charter, and in support of the State constitutional right guaranteed to its citizens. Over the years, R.I.M.S. and their friends have thwarted many efforts to deny public access to the State (Public) owned property, jetty, and breachway at the east end of “Quonny”.

Some examples of the effort to deny access:

  • Large boulders blocking the access road
  • Attempts to justify the closure of the access road via private funding for a study with the University of Rhode Island to look for endangered plants, animals and insect life Threatening lawsuits so that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will rope off access areas that are not prime Piping Plover habitat
  • Proposed regulation 29.10, which intended to ban parking of vehicles on the State property at the east end of “Quonny”
  • Private security personnel who unlawfully challenge access to those with the required and appropriately displayed CRMC sticker
  • Misleading documentation on the accessibility of “Quonny” in conjunction with the proper permit (CRMC sticker) (Cont. on Pg 10)

See plot plan for Beach Lots 75 and 82

Beach Property Rules

  1. R.I.M.S. plate with a current date sticker must be displayed on your vehicle while on R.I.M.S. properties. Guest vehicles are allowed at R.I.M.S. Park located at Woody Hill Road.
  2. No guest vehicles from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  3. All gray water if not self-contained, must be caught in an approved RV dispenser (blue tote container) and disposed of properly (no pails allowed to catch gray water).
  4. All Refuse will be taken off R.I.M.S. property. A dumpster is provided at the Woody Hill Road property (R.I.M.S. Park) for beach refuse only. DO NOT USE DUMPSTERS at the beginning of Sand Trail (second or third parking lot). THESE ARE NOT R.I.M.S. DUMPSTERS.
  5. Vehicle parking will be on first come first serve basis. No reserved parking will be allowed.
  6. Unattended vehicles. No vehicle is allowed to be left unattended at R.I.M.S. beach property for more then 48 hours.
  7. No tents or screen houses are permitted. Awnings and sunshades must be attached to the vehicle and no support from the ground. Awnings may be disallowed if over-crowdedness promises to exist.
  8. All overnight vehicles must be equipped with self-contained sanitation facilities. A place will be provided for Day Vehicle port-a-pottys in the bathhouse. (No children under the age of 12 years old allowed in bathhouse without a parent or adult).
  9. All vehicles must be equipped with all state required equipment, such as First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, jack shovel, board, etc. (Check state law or R.I.M.S Code of ethics before going on the beach.
  10. Watercraft and launch area- Watercraft operated near the launch area will be operated in a manner as not to endanger people or property. The property above the mean high tide level at the launch area is owned by R.I.M.S., but, as a courtesy, is not considered private and can be used by non-members for access to the beach. There is to be ample space on either side of the pine tree area to allow U-turn boat launching.
  11. Speed limit on the sand trail for all is 10 miles per hour and dead slow when entering R.I.M.S. property.
  12. Access to beach front (minimum 12 feet wide) will be left open at all times.
  13. Dog (s) must be accompanied and controlled by owner or by responsible person in charge of dog (s) at all times while outside of vehicle. Dog (s) leash not to exceed 10 feet. Dogs will be taken to an unpopulated area for relief. All droppings will be disposed of properly. Dogs are not allowed in the immediate area while a food function is taking place at R.I.M.S. Park on Woody Hill Road. (Note: R.I.M.S. members will abide by Rhode Island state laws on controlling dogs on beach areas. (Check R.I. State Laws. 10 Ft. leash).
  14. Excess Noise- Keep excess noise down after 10:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m., no generators running during this time. Remember, R.I.M.S. is a sports fishermen’s club. Some anglers retire early. During the day if a member asks you to turn off your generator or quiet down please respect the request.
  15. Vehicle traffic on the front beach is prohibited by the town of Charleston from Memorial Day thru September 15th. Violation of this ordinance carries a fine, if convicted. Anyone charged with “Dune Destruction” by C.R.M.C. (Coastal Resources Management Council) will not have the support of R.I.M.S. Board of Directors is to abide by the Town, State and Federal laws, with no deliberate disregard for these laws.
  16. All vehicles at R.I.M.S. beach property are to be limited to 30 feet in length.
  17. No R.I.M.S. Member displaying a R.I.M.S. plate is to park along the sand trail in the Town of Westerly, Rhode Island.
  18. Jet skis are not allowed on R.I.M.S. beach property.
  19. Special rules in effect when overcrowded conditions exist, the Board of Directors has established the following regulations:
    1. Lot 75 Parking: Park on the east side and west side of RIMS beach property
    2. Boat Trailer Storage: Northeast corner of lot 75 property is for boat trailer parking
    3. Lot 82 Parking: It is recommended that between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Campers will park facing north to south when parking on the south /ocean side
  20. Endangered Wildlife: Any R.I.M.S. member that breaks any endangered wildlife management regulation that the R.I.M.S. board of directors has adopted will be treated as a third offense.
  21. No open fires on R.I.M.S. Property. The use of commercially made propane fueled fire pits measuring no more than 32 inches in diameter will be allowed on RIMS property.
  22. No parking on designated common areas.